A Note on Relationships

A Note on Relationships

By Peggy Tierney Galvin, chief strategy officer 

I look forward to receiving holiday cards every year from family and friends. And today, as I reflect on the first year of Force4’s operation, I’m reminded that our strength and health as a company comes directly from the relationships we’ve made with friends like you over the past decades.  

Whenever we run into old friends, colleagues, and connections at big tradeshows like Mobile World Congress or RSA Conference (mark your calendars!), everyone has the same comment: these shows are like old home week, or a high school reunion. The B2B tech industry is small, and we are delighted to see the same faces year after year, albeit maybe with a different logo on their shirt, or a different role in the ecosystem this time around.  

We often say we like to work with the people we like to work with, and it’s an eye-roller because it’s true. We form tight bonds with our clients through our long hours together, side by side in the field, and we nurture those bonds when you start new adventures. We send emails with trends we think you’d find useful or interesting for your next meeting. We let you know about topical tradeshows or Q&As that you could participate in. We make introductions to others in the ecosystem that you would benefit from meeting. It’s a gift and a joy to work with good people, and like any relationship, we are dedicated to the long term with our clients. 

A final thought. This is the time of year when we send our friends and colleagues our annual calendar. (Let us know if you want one!) Looking at the calendar, month by month, quarter by quarter, we are reminded that the market is cyclical, and the great relationships we value today have been strengthened through the crucible of market ebbs and flows.  

Thank you for our relationship. We are here for you in whatever you may need. 

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