• Design and launch communication strategy to facilitate and support a successful IPO.


  • We designed a series of pre-IPO campaigns to positively impact market perceptions about the company.
  • We developed concise and consistent messaging that clearly communicated the company‚Äôs business and aggressively started raising awareness.
  • Six months before the IPO, we developed a high-level marketing white paper that defined market, their products and position that was used throughout the pre-IPO process by analysts, investors and press. We also created several case studies that described customer wins.
  • Just before the quiet period began, we briefed key press and analysts on substantial news to generate press coverage throughout the quiet period, and in conjunction with the IPO.
  • Meetings with major analyst groups ensured that the company was fresh in the minds of the analysts when investors called for background information.


  • Successful IPO with sustained positive press coverage on the company.