Do Your Homework for Greater Marketing Success

By Cara Sloman, Chief Executive Officer This blog is a summary of a piece I wrote for Forbes. Read the full article here.  In the past, there were four main buckets for marketing: advertising, PR, direct response and events. But now, it’s a whole new ball game–there’s influencer marketing, social media, search engine optimization, search […]

PR: Your Partner for a Successful IPO, Pt. 1

By Cara Sloman, Chief Executive Officer 191 companies went public in 2018, raising a combined $46.8 billion. That’s up from $35.5 billion raised for 160 IPOs the previous year. A well-executed IPO can be a demanding, even grueling, process that requires a tremendous amount of messaging and coordination. Since a company only has one chance […]

PR: Your Partner for a Successful IPO, Pt. 2

By Cara Sloman, Chief Executive Officer In the first half of this two-part IPO series, we looked at the how a skilled PR team can help raise awareness for companies during the “quiet period” and “pre-quiet period” of an IPO process. Now, we take a look at three tools we have used with great success […]

Tower vs. Trenches

Building better, stronger and more engaging thought leadership By Jessica Pasko, Director Contributed content continues to be a valuable component of the PR arsenal. As media outlets grapple with staffing shortages and layoffs, more and more often, we see them looking for bylined articles and op-eds. And that’s a valuable opportunity for our clients to […]

Big Sur and Beyond: Our Day Trip Adventure Guide

By Peggy Tierney Galvin, Chief Strategy Officer We at Force4 are aggressive work-hard-play-hard types, meaning we commit as heavily to the Central Coast lifestyle off-hours as we do to client deliverables when we’re on the clock. Fortunately for us, living and working in Santa Cruz means we’ve won an absurd lifestyle lottery, with Highway 1 […]

Five Content Strategies for High-Tech Businesses to Implement Now

By Cara Sloman, Chief Executive Officer A friend once complained about how hard it is to read a newspaper. He said it was made of large, flimsy sheets of paper that were unwieldy, and it took more time and effort to find the information he wanted. This seemed like a weak argument at the time, […]

Converging IR and PR for Stronger Communications

By Cara Sloman, Chief Executive Officer In an ideal world, PR and IR would work hand-in-glove to promote product value, brand awareness and differentiators to customers and investors alike. Unfortunately, PR and IR have grown further and further apart over the last two decades. Is there a way to reconcile these factions so they can […]

Yes, You CAN Measure ROI for Public Relations

By Cara Sloman, Chief Executive Officer One of the most common questions we get from clients is how to measure return on investment (ROI) for PR. Measuring the ROI of public relations isn’t impossible. You just need to pick the right key performance indicators (KPIs).Whether the goal is finding new customers, gaining the attention of […]