Driving Productivity and Collaboration from Within

Driving Productivity and Collaboration from Within

By Jessica Pasko, Director

Among the countless adjustments our world has undergone through the pandemic, the shift to remote work is promising long-term change. Since March 2020, 47% of respondents to a Forrester survey say their organization has transitioned at least half of their workforce to remote work, suggesting a largely remote future. 

Even before the pandemic, remote work was driven by trends beyond employee preference. A survey by FlexJobs and Global Workplace Analytics found that 77% of employees believe remote work will help lower their company’s operating costs 

With the return to the office running on an uncertain timeline, the concept of hybrid teamswherein some employees work remotely and others in the office – represents a compromise in which interest is growing. 

Productivity is a chief concern of companies when implementing remote or hybrid strategies. However, the employer’s expectation may not match the reality. Gallup’s recent study found that remote workers may actually be more productive – up to 20 to 25% more – than their onsite colleagues. Our experience here at Nadel Phelan (NPI) aligns with this finding. Based on an internal survey we conducted last month, 72% of our team feel their productivity has shown an improvement.  

Another primary concern is the ability to effectively collaborate when quick in-person huddles or group meetings aren’t an option. Online collaboration tools and digital workplaces facilitate increased productivity by up to 30%, according to a Deloitte study. Here at NPI, weve deployed Microsoft Teams for many of our collaborative efforts. Employees are overwhelmingly pleased with the ease and simplicity Teams has brought to collaboration. In fact, on average, we are collaborating on projects via Teams 46% of each month in furtherance of our clients’ goals and objectives. 

Additionally, there are a few collateral silver linings we’re seeing in our own workfromhome experience. Among these: curating our own workspaces, having the liberty to work outdoors and enjoying snacks directly from our cabinets. As hybrid teams become a reality, its important for employees to bring back the enriching aspects of remote work to the office. 

Remote work is a part of our new reality. Despite the challenges and adjustments that come with it, the positive impact it has had within NPI and on a larger scale is encouraging. By addressing productivity levels and collaborative capabilities, organizations can optimize their experience with remote work, and soon, with hybrid teams as well.  

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