Finishing the Year on a Strong Note: Communications Strategies for Tech in Q4 2020

Finishing the Year on a Strong Note: Communications Strategies for Tech in Q4 2020

By Peggy Tierney Galvin, Chief Strategy Officer

Sales Enablement and Customer Success  Play a Bigger Role in Marketing Strategy  

More than ever, marketing needs to focus on customer successes, telling the story of how your customers have succeeded in solving their business challenges with the help of your product or solution. With the pandemic reallocating sales focus on inside sales rather than in-person meetings, tech companies have a new opportunity to examine the effectiveness of demand gen campaigns and nurture streams. 

Public relations helps support sales and marketing at multiple inflection points along the sales funnel. Earned coverage provides thirdparty validation that sales team members can use to touch prospects. Your PR team should create unique links for these articles that show which topics prospects clicked on the most, driving the most traffic to the website. Different PR campaigns aimed at specific sales personas generate coverage that the sales team can use to reach out to prospects, and the marketing team can analyze which campaigns generated the most leads and engagement. This “closed system” ensures that all marketing and sales dollars can be tracked for effectiveness and gaps in the process identified.  


The takeaway 

Market forecasters continue to predict strong growth for B2B tech companies. VCs still manage sizeable funding pools that they are required to invest a portion of annually. And the Fed is keeping rates low and guaranteeing debt. Despite the chaos on the front pages, there is enough market optimism to support your team in finishing strong in 2020 by investing in customer communications and sales enablement. Are you ready to enter 2021 in a leadership position? 

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