How to Help Customers During COVID-19

How to Help Customers During COVID-19

By Sean Wood, Chief Operating Officer

COVID-19 is changing clients’, friends’ and neighbors’ plans in a big way. All this change is an opportunity for strengthening our human connection and for recognizing our common goals as colleagues and humans on planet earth.

The only way to move forward is by moving through. Individuals and organizations are adjusting to the new normal. Employees and businesses are trying to navigate the new landscape the best they can. Now more than ever, tactfulness is necessary. When addressing employees and delivering information, businesses should lead with compassion.

Below are observations from our conversations over the last couple of months: 

  • Companies are being buffeted by fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD). 
  • Companies are looking for a steady hand at the helm. A trusted voice can help forge a new plan of action. 
  • Sales teams have a great opportunity to keep their numbers up by showing their humanity and by really listening to the specific needs of customers (many of whom are under stress). 
  • Goodwill and top performance are remembered and appreciated for decades to come. 

As you navigate the coming months and years, we wanted to share some guidance on keeping your organization running as smooth as possible under this new normal: 

  • Ask what you can provide your customers and prospects today that is relevant, immediate and actionable. 
  • Find out and understand how you can help them with their most immediate and burning problems. 
  • Focus on being part of the response and part of the solution. 
  • Share a positive, business continuity-focused message. This will be essential in supporting sales/channel enablement and provide air cover as traditional sales meetings and methods become unavailable.

As always, we are here to support you. Let us know how we can help and drop a line via email or a quick tweet hello! 

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