Make Newsletters Part of Your Email Marketing Strategy

Make Newsletters Part of Your Email Marketing Strategy

By Cara Sloman, Chief Executive Officer

Newsletters have gained significant traction in the past year. More and more prominent journalists are launching their own via platforms such as Substack, many leaving their full-time jobs to do so. At the same time, both new and legacy media outlets (the Washington Post, for one) are rapidly expanding their own newsletter efforts.  

Newsletters also are an important component for effective email marketing and a powerful tool for branding. Every $1 spent on email marketing yields an average return of $36. By providing prospects with company updates and showcasing your organization’s expertise, email newsletters are a cost-effective medium that – if done right – can be an effective way to boost business. 

Statistics and benefits of newsletters 

An estimated 306 billion emails are sent each day, and even in this age of social media, messaging apps and many other forms of communication, emails still figure prominently in daily life. In fact, 81% of B2B marketers say email newsletters are their most used form of content marketing, with 78% reporting an increase in email engagement over the past year.

Email is also a faster way to reach prospects and customers. GetResponse’s Email Marketing Benchmarks report found that 21% of opened emails are opened within the very first hour of delivery. After three hours, almost 41% of recipients have opened the email. That’s clear proof that email can reach your audience quickly and effectively. 

By sending out email newsletters on a regular schedule, you can reach a worldwide audience with the click of a button. When executed properly, these newsletters help you build credibility, authority and brand recognition. They also help to strengthen customer and prospect relationships and increase sales. And if you have several audiences, you can segment and target your email lists to serve them better. 

Newsletter design 

Your newsletter should be attractive and easy to read. There are many newsletter templates available in your email marketing program, or you can design your own. But in addition to having a nice layout, your customer emails should contain valuable content readers look forward to. Make sure to include information and insights that recipients know they won’t get anywhere else. And always include a call to action. This could be an invitation to participate in a survey you’re conducting, to schedule a demo for your latest product or some other activity that supports your marketing calendar and your customers’ needs. 

Newsletter ideas  

If you are clear about your customer avatar and their needs, coming up with content shouldn’t be hard. Good newsletter content can include a variety of elements: industry news, analysis, articles or blog posts that speak to customer pain points, special offers, fun facts and more. 

What are the big events in your industry? Time your newsletter appropriately. You can also highlight funny, interesting or pertinent dates for each month. As appropriate, you may want to respond to relevant breaking news. Add industry trivia or an inspiring quote at the end. 

Challenges of newsletter writing 

Email newsletters are an important aspect of your overall digital marketing strategy, but they come at a cost. They’re time-consuming, in addition to all your other marketing duties. They are also deadline-driven, meaning that other duties will have to be set aside to get the newsletter out on time.  

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, it’s still hard to find content or know what content will resonate with your audience; maintaining consistent quality is difficult. But you don’t have to go it alone. Working with a partner who specializes in newsletter creation can help with all these aspects and ensure that you provide a consistent and worthwhile experience to your audience. 

No time like the present 

The statistics speak for themselves: email is alive and well, and newsletters have never been more popular. When you provide valuable information and insight into your industry, your audience will be happy to click and read. And when you align your marketing goals with their needs, they will willingly answer your calls to action – adding to your bottom line.  


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