State of the (Marketing) Union: How Are We Doing, Really?

State of the (Marketing) Union: How Are We Doing, Really?

By Peggy Tierney Galvin, Force4 Technology Communications

A viral post recently made the rounds on LinkedIn about two tech professionals using project management software to manage… their relationship. How are they doing against stated goals? Are they achieving dishwasher-emptying metrics against quarterly goals? (Hopefully they have this documented so neither has to resort to vibes.) While relationship sprint sessions might give you pause, this couple does have great instincts on timing. The end of 1H2024 is the perfect time of year to look at work goals and how results are measuring up. 

How are your KPIs stacking up? Are you on track to close the level of new business or account expansions that you set out at the beginning of the year? This is the time of year that SWOT analysis lingo drifts into meetings: what are our strengths? What are our weaknesses? And what are our opportunities? (Try these questions on date night some time – why not? Makes you feel alive.)  

Halfway through the year, marketing leads usually have a good sense of which initiatives are working well (“We have 75% of our target new leads already, and we’re only halfway through the year!”) and which areas are… well, opportunities. (“We keep getting ghosted at the close!”) 

Fortunately, PR can help. A strategic comms program can provide air cover for marketing initiatives that need extra coverage, content, assets and third-party validation. The sales team will be grateful to have persona-targeted collateral to help convince bottom-of-the-funnel prospects that your company is the trustworthy and valued partner they need. 

PR can also expand a program’s strengths and wins and double its impact. By cross-pollinating coverage, momentum, new customers and success stories into new markets, across new channels and into new conversations, new prospects looking for a solution like yours can easily find it top of funnel. 

Relationships take work. And the beginning of 2H2024 is a great time to look at what IS working, how to use your strengths to support weaknesses and how to uncover the opportunities that set you up for success.  

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