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Akhil Sahai Chief Product Officer

“I have worked with Cara, Peggy and team three times now at three different companies. Each time they have been my choice for professional, high-quality services, content and partnership. Our spokespeople have been particularly impressed with the Force4 thought leadership program, both for the ideas they bring to the table, the quality of writing and of course the results. I look forward to continuing our great partnership together!”

- Akhil Sahai
Domingo Guerra GTM, Symantec Enterprise Division
Symentec Endpoint, Broadcom
The Force4 team was a great partner in helping us navigate, update and address analyst feedback across our product marketing messaging. With so many balls in the air, having Force4 connect the dots among the internal stakeholders and the updated narrative was a big help. Looking forward to working with them again!
- Domingo Guerra
Redvers Curry VP Marketing
Reco.ai, RSA

I’ve run marketing teams at major enterprises and at startups where we need to build everything from scratch. This is the PR and marketing team I always come back to. They make magic happen, building plans and programs that earn coverage results that are directly tied to supporting the demand-gen plans I’m rolling out. They truly understand marketing and what needs to happen to show results for me and my team. Love these guys!

- Redvers Curry
Jarrod Siket CMO

I cannot stress enough how great Force4 has been for Napatech. The performance, quality, consistency, and results have been among the best I have had the pleasure of working with in my career.

- Jarrod Siket
Jody Applebaum Director, Customer Acquisition & Retention
Cisco Systems

Cara and the Force4 team were instrumental in our marketing efforts to develop and deploy content for multi-touch demand-gen campaigns to move net new leads through the buyer’s journey. Equally adept at strategy, tactics and execution, the Force4 team was integral in planning the campaigns, developing high-quality content that directly addressed our customer care-abouts and delivering it before deadline. I would highly recommend them for any B2B technology marketing effort.

- Jody Applebaum
Dan Lamorena CMO
Google Cloud Security, Respond Software

As a small start-up with large aspirations, we needed a partner who would help force-multiply our team and deliver results. Cara and team helped develop our communications strategy, delivered on our outreach goals and played a number of roles across public relations, content creation, social media and creative. Our success in building awareness for Respond Software helped lead to our successful exit. I’m sure we’ll work with them on our next adventure.

- Dan Lamorena
Tejas Vashi Senior Director, Product Strategy & Marketing
Cisco Systems

I have been continuously impressed by Cara and team’s ability to deliver high-quality results consistently, both on time and under budget. They have been able to adapt to shifts in corporate focus with agility while ensuring that launches, campaigns and deliverables are sure-footed, seamless and on-message. Able to work across business units to ensure corporate buy-in and integration, Force4 has been a critical extension of our team.

- Tejas Vashi
Carl-Henric Möllerström Vice President

We began our work with Cara and team with the goal of elevating the awareness of our innovative vNAS SDS offering with a strategic partner. The team was an intrinsic element of our success, through media and analyst relations along with a partner program that set up and facilitated meetings with potential targets. When we were acquired by Pure Storage, the team was a key part of making it happen. We are looking forward to the opportunity of working with them again.

- Carl-Henric Möllerström
Matthew McKenna Security Scorecard

We were thrilled with the results and coverage Cara and team secured for us. Encryption is a highly technical field and increasingly crowded, but they promoted our thought leadership to secure coverage and placements in the publications that our customers were reading.

- Matthew McKenna
Katie Tierney Vice President, Strategic Sales
Symphony SummitAI

Cara and team are fantastic to work with. Not many agencies can weave the technological benefits of a solution into creative storytelling, but they can. Their knowledge of the demand gen funnel resulted in content that was aimed at my different prospects’ needs so my team always had new, targeted assets for outreach. I’m looking forward to the opportunity of working with the team again.

- Katie Tierney
Fouad Khalil VP Compliance
SSH Communication Security

Compliance is a huge motivator for our customers, but there’s a lot of FUD and confusion out in the market that clouds the air. It was fantastic to have a partner in educating the public, customers and regulators about the intersection of compliance and security. Cara and team worked with me to create a thought leadership strategy to ensure that we had messages that directly addressed customer compliance concerns in every sector.

- Fouad Khalil
Kirby Wadsworth Chief Marketing Officer

I’ve led marketing departments at all kinds of infrastructure technology companies, and it’s rare to find an agency that covers the content ideation and creation part of the game in addition to media relationships. I had been used to writing our own press releases and content, and it was a wonderful surprise to discover that Cara and team brought idea development AND the writing big guns to the table. This was in addition to the full portfolio of other PR and marketing services they offered. It is a pleasure working with them and I look forward to bringing them onboard in the future.

- Kirby Wadsworth
Mette Søs Gottlieb Chief Commercial Officer

Our SaaS solution was at a pivotal point, and we were looking for a marketing strategy that would boost our awareness and visibility in the U.S. market and help drive inbound leads for the sales team. We needed a PR team with the media relationships and creativity to make the case for us in a crowded market and an unprecedented news cycle. Cara and team have been wonderful to work with and have brought strategic thinking, execution and results to the table for our solution and our overall marketing plan. They are an awesome team and have meant the world to me as an individual and to LMS365.

- Mette Søs Gottlieb
Rebecca Corliss VP Marketing

VergeSense has a long list of happy customers, and we were looking for a way to help bring their voices forward as public references for the media. We selected the Force4 team to design and run a white-glove customer reference program that could meet both VergeSense’s and our enterprise customers’ goals. Our customers are now excited by the opportunities that the Force4 team has custom-curated for their own media coverage goals, and we are thrilled to be able to illustrate the real-world business benefits of the VergeSense offering through customer use cases and success stories.

- Rebecca Corliss
Scott Valentine Head of Partner Marketing & Public Relations

I have worked with this team across several data analytics companies and have greatly appreciated their creativity, output and work ethic when it comes to creating stories from data. We recently navigated a very turbulent news cycle where a few of our competitors were being caught in negative stories and faced harsh criticism in the press. Due to our communications strategy and focus on our technological differentiators, we steered clear of the drama with coverage that was 100 percent positive and on-message.

- Scott Valentine
Kate Reed CMO

I’ve worked with tech and business leaders at IBM and beyond throughout my career and know first-hand how hard it is to carve out time for thought leadership alongside everything else on a packed schedule. The Force4 team has been invaluable for tailoring ideas and angles and shepherding our subject matter experts and executive spokespeople through the process of sharing their expertise and best practices for our customers and partners in ways that help them succeed in their business. And they’re a ton of fun to work with.

- Kate Reed
Christina Richmond Chief Strategy and Growth Officer
Inspira Enterprise

I’ve been delighted to work with this team. Cybersecurity is a crowded and dynamic space, and Force4 does a top-notch job of cutting through the hype to the technological differentiators and business benefits that analysts immediately look for.

- Christina Richmond
John N. Stewart Founder and President of Talons Ventures, former chief security and trust officer, Cisco

Force4 brings experienced, tough strategic marketing and comms management to the table, which is essential for success. Cara and her team are the go-to partner for multiple Talons Ventures portfolio companies, which is the best way I know to demonstrate how highly I endorse them!

- John N. Stewart
Isabelle Audette VP, Marketing & Communications

Our portcos are constantly looking for guidance on the best way to break into the U.S. market. I’ve been glad to have the Force4 team as a resource for sharing ways to deploy a communications strategy to get maximum impact in a crowded space.

- Isabelle Audette
Harold Moss Senior Investment Partner
1414 Ventures

The Force4 team is a fantastic ally for us. It’s rare to find a PR partner that puts as much investment and strategic planning into a startup’s success as we do on the funding side, and we have seen it give our portfolio companies a competitive edge that they just can’t get with a consultant or a more tactical ‘starter pack’ agency.

- Harold Moss
Sami Ahvenniemi General Partner
Vendep Capital

Nordic and Baltic tech founders are looking for experienced, capable and hands-on marketing partners to help take them to market globally. Cara, Peggy and the Force4 team is the out-of-the-box resource I refer our portcos to for that level of expert guidance.

- Sami Ahvenniemi
Katie Pugh VP Marketing

“As a location data company, we love telling stories with data. Force4 is an amazing creative partner for getting these stories into the outlets that our audiences read and making them sparkle with detail and relevance. As a result, our lead gen has gone through the roof: from an ROI perspective, we more than doubled our lead generation through direct brand awareness – a 2x in contributed deal flow in six months. I recommend them to anyone!”

- Katie Pugh

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