Venture Capital

We work with our partners as a bolt-on, out-of-the-box marketing and comms department for their portcos, delivering team-level scale and results for a fraction of the FTE equivalent.

We have the relationships and assets in place to help elevate both individual venture partners and portfolio investments.

We perform ecosystem mapping analysis for prospective upstream and downstream technology integration, supply chain and potential exit partners for startup clients to forge stronger ties that support greater valuation and market expansion.

We’ve taken over 120 companies through to a successful acquisition.

John N. Stewart Founder and President of Talons Ventures, former chief security and trust officer, Cisco

Force4 brings experienced, tough strategic marketing and comms management to the table, which is essential for success. Cara and her team are the go-to partner for multiple Talons Ventures portfolio companies, which is the best way I know to demonstrate how highly I endorse them!

- John N. Stewart
Isabelle Audette VP, Marketing & Communications

Our portcos are constantly looking for guidance on the best way to break into the U.S. market. I’ve been glad to have the Force4 team as a resource for sharing ways to deploy a communications strategy to get maximum impact in a crowded space.

- Isabelle Audette
Harold Moss Senior Investment Partner
1414 Ventures

The Force4 team is a fantastic ally for us. It’s rare to find a PR partner that puts as much investment and strategic planning into a startup’s success as we do on the funding side, and we have seen it give our portfolio companies a competitive edge that they just can’t get with a consultant or a more tactical ‘starter pack’ agency.

- Harold Moss
Sami Ahvenniemi General Partner
Vendep Capital

Nordic and Baltic tech founders are looking for experienced, capable and hands-on marketing partners to help take them to market globally. Cara, Peggy and the Force4 team is the out-of-the-box resource I refer our portcos to for that level of expert guidance.

- Sami Ahvenniemi

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