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We’re suited, booted and carry the badge. We know how to navigate Fortune 500 ecosystems from the BU level internally to get stakeholder buy-in to the GTM level with integration and technology partners.

Our reach within the tech media ecosystem allows us to provide immense value for large industry-defining enterprises.

Domingo Guerra GTM, Symantec Enterprise Division
Symentec Endpoint, Broadcom
The Force4 team was a great partner in helping us navigate, update and address analyst feedback across our product marketing messaging. With so many balls in the air, having Force4 connect the dots among the internal stakeholders and the updated narrative was a big help. Looking forward to working with them again!
- Domingo Guerra
Redvers Curry VP Marketing, RSA

I’ve run marketing teams at major enterprises and at startups where we need to build everything from scratch. This is the PR and marketing team I always come back to. They make magic happen, building plans and programs that earn coverage results that are directly tied to supporting the demand-gen plans I’m rolling out. They truly understand marketing and what needs to happen to show results for me and my team. Love these guys!

- Redvers Curry
Jody Applebaum Director, Customer Acquisition & Retention
Cisco Systems

Cara and the Force4 team were instrumental in our marketing efforts to develop and deploy content for multi-touch demand-gen campaigns to move net new leads through the buyer’s journey. Equally adept at strategy, tactics and execution, the Force4 team was integral in planning the campaigns, developing high-quality content that directly addressed our customer care-abouts and delivering it before deadline. I would highly recommend them for any B2B technology marketing effort.

- Jody Applebaum
Dan Lamorena CMO
Google Cloud Security, Respond Software

As a small start-up with large aspirations, we needed a partner who would help force-multiply our team and deliver results. Cara and team helped develop our communications strategy, delivered on our outreach goals and played a number of roles across public relations, content creation, social media and creative. Our success in building awareness for Respond Software helped lead to our successful exit. I’m sure we’ll work with them on our next adventure.

- Dan Lamorena
In Case Studies
Cisco Certification Program
Cisco Certification Program
Cisco Certification Program
  • Business Outcome
    • Grew the community to over 3 million in 4 years | 29,000 articles | +50 awards

  • Goals
    • Conduct a PR program to grow the Cisco certified community from 600,000 to over 3 million in four years.

  • Strategy
    • We launched the world’s first social learning community – The Cisco Learning Network – that became an industry-wide portal where IT students and professionals around the globe learn, share knowledge and find job opportunities.

    • We created a Cool Jobs in IT campaign to promote success stories across exciting markets such as fashion, travel and entertainment. This elevated awareness of the vast job opportunities in IT networking and the benefits of having a Cisco Certification.

    • We won all the awards. By placing first in all learning awards, we established credibility and awareness for The Cisco Learning Network.

  • Results
    • Grew the Cisco certified community to over 3 million in 4 years.

    • Helped Cisco to differentiate its brand, create loyal customers, mine for marketing insights and influence the market.

    • We were so successful that Microsoft hired us to promote their own internal learning tool to their 90K sales and marketing staff.

Cisco Demand Generation & Strategic Content Development
Cisco Demand Generation & Strategic Content Development
Cisco Demand Generation & Strategic Content Development
  • Business Outcomes
    • 200K B2C and 4,000 B2B Net New Leads | 70% engagement rate | 20% Net New Lead Conversion Rate

  • Goals
    • Encourage new and existing B2B and B2C customers to re-skill and upskill with Cisco certifications.

  • Strategy
    • We developed strategic demand-gen campaigns to drive net-new leads through the buyer’s journey

    • We created compelling marketing content designed to engage leads through awareness to purchase stages in the buyer’s journey.

  • Results
    • Yielded 70% engagement rate.

    • Secured ~200K B2C and 4,000 B2B Net New Leads.

    • Achieved 20% Net New Lead Conversion Rate (Engaged to Purchase).

    • 100+ pieces of content to drive prospects through awareness, considerations and purchase phases.

  • Business Outcomes
    • Boosted visibility | Recognized as leader of world-class learning solutions

  • Goals
    • Demonstrate Microsoft as a leader for sales, marketing and services readiness in the technology industry

    • Establish industry thought-leadership position

  • Strategy
    • We created strategic, high-impact messaging that clearly articulated the value proposition.

    • We booked and managed an analyst roadshow to educate the influencers, including 15 analyst groups such as Forrester, Gartner, IDC, Aberdeen and Brandon Hall Research.

    • We established team members as thought leaders asked to speak, contribute articles and be included in discussions regarding corporate learning and readiness.

    • We curated and managed submissions for top-tier awards programs.

  • Results
    • Increased awareness of Microsoft’s strategy and vision with analyst influencers and secured positive media coverage.

    • Positioned the CLO as an industry luminary with keynote addresses.

    • Secured industry accolades with top-tier awards.

    • Got recognized as leader of world-class learning solutions and influence the market.


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